Report from Yemen

By Randi Nord

Speaking to press on Sep. 28, Brigadier-General Yahya Saree announced the success of an operation dubbed “Victory from God” carried out in Najran province by Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees. Revealing only minimal details at the time, Saree said Yemeni forces managed to lay siege to three Saudi-backed military brigades as well as an entire large faction of the army — all during the first 72 hours of the operation.

“Only 72 hours after the start of the operation, our forces applied the siege on three deceived brigades and a whole faction of the Saudi army,” he said.

On Sunday, Saree announced the first phase of a multi-tier operation. The first phase lasted 72 hours during which the Saudi coalition launched 300 air raids. According to Saree, Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees in collaboration with the Yemeni Missile Force carried out at least 20 operations on targets in Saudi Arabia, including one “sensitive target” in Riyadh, which were designed to divert attention away from Najran.

It worked. Apache helicopters and warplanes left the Najran region and Yemeni forces were left to launch a successful ambush and siege against enemy troops.

Brigadier-General Saree announced that during the month-long operation, Yemeni forces successfully captured not only over 2,000 Saudi mercenaries but also several high-ranking Saudi military officers and soldiers. Yemenis are currently holding the captives as prisoners at secret locations and have reassured their families that Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees are taking all necessary measures to protect them from Saudi coalition airstrikes.

Saree revealed that many of the more than 2,000 prisoners captured were children and mercenaries of varying nationalities. He pointed out Riyadh’s violation of international law by thrusting children to defend its border and front line.

According to Brigadier-General Saree, protecting the prisoners posed quite a challenge initially. Upon capturing the Saudi brigades and platoon, Saudi coalition warplanes attempted to strike their positions as they fled and surrendered to Yemeni forces. This mirrors and aligns with an attack on September 1 when Saudi Arabia thwarted a prisoner swap deal by bombing three prison facilities in Yemen, killing over 100 of their own fighters held in the buildings and injuring dozens more.

As part of the Victory from God operation, Yemeni forces also successfully seized copious amounts of Saudi coalition military equipment including hundreds of military armored vehicles and weapons caches.

But it doesn’t end there.

Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees also managed to liberate 350 kilometers or about 217 miles of territory in all directions as part of the month-long operation.

Over the course of the war, Ansarullah and Yemeni forces have expanded their operations behind enemy lines in Najran, Aseer, and Jizan province in response to the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrike campaign which specifically targets civilian infrastructure like homes, schools, and hospitals as well as large civilian gatherings like funerals, weddings, and crowded weekend markets.

Aseer, Najran, and Jizan used to be part of Yemen but were seized by the Saudi Kingdom during a war in 1934.

Don’t be fooled by the mainstream media’s portrayal of Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees as barefoot nomads and cave dwellers. Most of Yemen’s national army has joined Ansarullah against the Saudi-backed coalition. Yemeni troops operating in Najran include advanced special forces such as a sniper unit which boasts hundreds of confirmed kills each year.

According to the previous estimates from last year, reports suggested that Yemeni forces controlled “hundreds” of miles beyond the Saudi border in these provinces. Riyadh, embarrassed by its failure to secure its own southern border, has refused to comment publicly on the matter.

Hitting Aramco from the skies and Saudi troops on the ground ….

After Aramco, Yemenis Capture 2,000 Saudi Troops

After Aramco, Yemenis Capture 2,000 Saudi Troops. | Photo: Geopolitics Alert

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