Right-Wing Young Americans For Freedom Invites War Criminal Dick Cheney & Bradley Foundation Stooge Scott Walker to Beloit College for October 10, 2019 “Speaking Engagement”


The Young Americans For Freedom (YAF) has announced that former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Haliburton CEO and Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney will be speaking at Beloit College. The talk is planned for Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 7:00-8:15 p.m. at the campus’ Eaton Chapel, 700 College Street, Beloit.

Scott Walker, the President-Elect of the Young America’s Foundation, is widely known for leading some of the worst racist austerity measures while Governor in Wisconsin which include the union-busting Act 10, the Jim Crow (Nixon “southern strategy”) based Right-To-Work (For Less) and other attacks on women, LBGTQ people, public education, the Indigenous, people of color, the environment, migrants, prisoners, students and much more (essentially anything that’s a positive for humanity). Walker was used by Wall Street interests (in particular the bankers) such as the Bradley Foundation, to reduce or eviscerate working class organization in all sectors and to gut administrative agencies beneficial to workers among other austerity measures. Like charter schools and “welfare reform,” the “Wisconsin Model” in regard to workers is now being rolled out federally by the Trump administration. Wall Street is hoping that Walker, as President of the YAF, will assist in grooming and consolidating right-wing students to deepen “The Wisconsin Model” across the U.S. and beyond.

Dick Cheney, a decades long right-wing strategist, politician, ruling class member and 46th Vice President under George W Bush Jr., from 2001-2009, is widely known internationally for war crimes and crimes against peace. Cheney was Secretary of Defense from March 1989 to January 1993 and during that time Cheney “oversaw” Operation Desert Storm where the U.S. massacred and destroyed the lives of millions of Iraqis and littered the country with poison dust and other environmental destruction. Cheney, after Sept. 2001, was a principal planner of the so-called “global war on terrorism” which has resulted in the U.S. laying waste to numerous nation-states. (Cheney liked planning wars where working class G.I.’s die and are wounded but during the Vietnam war he submitted five draft deferments and received them all).  Between 1987 and 1989, during his last term in Congress, Cheney was a director of the Council on Foreign Relations a U.S. imperialist organization (Cheney also was on this Council from 1993-95). Cheney is a member of the right-wing Wall Street organization the American Enterprise Institute and a host of other right-wing organizations. Cheney, also the former CEO of Halliburton, profited from the U.S. wars he helped to create and run. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Cheney

The Young Americans For Freedom is the largest right-wing youth and student organization in the United States and like Cheney and Walker hold up Ronald Reagan as their hero. The organization is funded by the $900 million right-wing Bradley Foundation which has been a bedrock supporter of Walker and Cheney for decades. The Bradley Foundation has funded all three – YAF, Walker and Cheney – to the tune of millions of dollars over the past 40 years. With right-wing funding, the YAF, a majority white organization, has grown on campuses especially as austerity measures have reduced working class student organization. The YAF is known for sponsoring some of the most virulent right-wing speakers to campuses such as Eric Prince and David Horowitz. ###


Beloit College President Scott Bierman: presidentsoffice@beloit.edu / 608-363-2240 / 2nd Floor Middle College

Beloit College Administration: https://www.beloit.edu/president-office/administration/

Beloit College Board of Trustees: https://www.beloit.edu/our-story/campus-leadership/board-of-trustees/index.php

Young American’s For Freedom Beloit College Chapter: Ziggy Rachlin, rachline@beloit.edu


Bradley Files: https://www.exposedbycmd.org/bradley-files/

Sourcewatch: https://bit.ly/31ZlCBA

Young America’s Foundation: https://www.yaf.org/

Young Americans For Freedom: https://students.yaf.org/young-americans-for-freedom/

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