Help organize for teach-ins and more for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mobilization for Mumia <>
While Mumia’s case makes its way through the PA state court system during the appeals process we want to do more things in our communities to raise awareness and to educate people about Mumia’s case and its relevance for all of our struggles against the criminal in-justice system, mass incarceration, environmental justice, health care, and solidarity with all who are fighting state repression.
Toward this end we are hoping to have a number of teach-ins in various cities from now through December.  A date for a Philly teach-in has yet to be set but we are hoping that with enough interested volunteers we can get the ball rolling on this.
In addition we want to have a major indoor event for Mumia on or around December 9th, on the 38th anniversary of Mumia’s incarceration.  The ideal day would be Saturday, December 7th.  We are also hoping to link this event with observations in Chicago around the 50th anniversary of the assignation of Black Panther member Fred Hampton, Sr.
Please respond as soon as possible to indicate if you are interested in working on either a Philly based teach-in or around events for December 9.  If you are out of the Philly area, please consider having a teach-in in your city and let us know your plans.
Depending on response we will follow-up with a conference call.
Thanks you for you interest in the struggle to bring home Mumia and all political prisoners!

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