Yousef Aljamal Headlining “Palestine in Crisis” U.S. October-November 2019 Speaker Tour

Dear friend-

I hope you are well and enjoying the equinox? Here at Just World Ed we’re hard at work organizing the “Palestine in Crisis” speaking tour we’re organizing with the great Gaza-Palestinian rights activist Yousef Aljamal.

We will share more details about Yousef’s tour, later. But planning is well advanced for him to speak– hopefully live!– at events in the NYC/Tristate area, Washington DC, Williamsburg and Richmond VA, Atlanta GA, Madison and Milwaukee WI, Portland OR, and Honolulu.

Do contact us if you’d like to help out at any of these events– or if you’re a media person from those areas or anywhere else in the United States who’d like to book Yousef for your show!

Yousef, who’s currently completing his PhD studies in Turkey, is a great communicator and a smart analyst who will be available to speak on three different aspects of the current Palestinian crisis:

  1. He can speak on Gaza, the region in which he grew up as a refugee (from 1948 Israel) and where, for several years prior to his departure to Turkey, he was a go-to person at the Center for Political and Development Studies.
  2. He can speak about Palestinian child detaineesHe translated into English the recent book Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak (which is now available in North America as a paperback: 174 pages, $9.99.) As a member of the DoF team, Yousef worked closely with the colleagues who had gathered those testimonies in the West Bank– an area with which he also has close family ties.
  3. He can speak eloquently to the whole issue of settler colonialism in Palestine.
  4. I am particularly happy to be bringing Yousef back to audiences in the United States. Back in 2014, my company Just World Books worked with the American Friends Service Committee to organize a nationwide speaking for three young writers from Gaza, of whom Yousef was one. You can read some accounts of that tour on this little blog we set up at the time.

    I saw firsthand the deep transformations that can take place in the thinking of American people who previously had never knowingly met a person from Gaza, when they first meet and listen to one! Americans are subjected to such a high degree of demonizing propaganda about the Palestinians in general, and Gaza Palestinians in particular…

    Talking of which, I hope you’ve seen the 4-page factsheet we produced recently: “Understanding Gaza and Hamas”? If not, you can download it here. It’s a PDF that occupies 294 KB.

    I should tell you that Yousef is still awaiting his U.S. visa. Of course, we’re strongly hoping it will come through in time for him to make all his gigs. If by chance it does not, then the plan is to have him “appear” at the events organized by our partners and friends all around the country via video link. Stay tuned.

    … Also, friends, as I’m sure you understand, all our programs take resources to accomplish well. If you are moved to make a donation to help support Yousef’s tour and our other programs, that would be very much appreciated!


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