Come to Cuba with IFCO!! Come with us and visit our long-time friends!

IFCO/Pastors for Peace has been organizing trips to Cuba ever since our first US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan in 1992. Over the years we’ve made many friends: within the religious community, at ecumenical Centers such as the Martin Luther King Center, within the fields of medicine, education and arts, and within the various governmental, non-governmental and community-based institutions of Cuban society working together to make a better world possible.
Our Cuban friends share our desire for people from the US to know more about Cuba – its history and culture, and most importantly its people and their struggles. After decades of being exposed to misinformation about Cuba, it is only through traveling to the island that the people of the US can begin to get an accurate first-hand picture of Cuba and make up their own minds about our neighbors to the South.
By hearing their stories, meeting people, visiting a wide variety of places to which IFCO / Pastors for Peace has unique and special access, visitors can get a true glimpse of Cuba. Through interacting with the Cuban people you will be able to bear witness to Cuban daily life, learning about the context for Cuba’s actions, positions, policies and decisions and gaining a better understanding of their country – and of our own.
Read more about these delegations;
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Race and Gender in Cuba  Jan 31-Feb 7:
Cuban Health Care System:  Jan 13-23, 2020
Social Justice, Human Rights and Incarceration In Cuba:  April  6-16,  2020
Art and Culture: April 7-17, 2020
Latin American School of Medicine July, 2020
Africa in Cuba
Religion in Cuba
Education in Cuba
Organic Farming
 Some important details:
 Often delegates will stay at the Martin Luther King Center in the Mariañao. Just 10 minutes from the heart of Havana, this working class neighborhood gives you a taste of the ‘real’ Cuba, not the ‘tourist’ version. Accommodations are comfortable with double occupancy and private bath. We also can arrange for accommodations at affordable hotels. Double occupancy, (or single occupancy at the additional cost of $400 per person.)
All delegations include visa, guide, translation, transportation, meals and accommodation. Price does not include US/Cuba airfare.  Trip costs typically range between $2000 and $2800 per person, depending on specific details.  More information is available for each delegation.
We can also arrange custom tours for a group of 10 people or more.  Choose the date and the itinerary that suits your needs – let us know.   We can work to make your vision a reality!

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