Kenosha, December 9, 2019: Pack The Court For Chrystul

Pack the Court for Chrystul

This is a pre-trial hearing. The full trial starts is scheduled for March. Please come out, get informed and build power behind Chrystul to get these unjust charges dropped!


At the last pre-trial hearing Chrystul’s lawyers argued that a recent law protecting sex trafficking survivors from prosecution for crimes they commit in “direct relation” to the trafficking should determine the jury instruction in this case. The prosecutor, Kenosha DA Michael Graveley argued against the application of the new law to the case. Judge Wilkes didn’t make a decision day-of. Instead, he will give his decision at this hearing.

He said the hearing will likely be 15 minutes long. Sometimes the hearing starts late or takes longer than expected, though. Chrystul’s lawyer said the decision could fundamentally reshape the case, so we’re hopeful that Wilkes will find in Chrystul’s favor, and turning out for this hearing could have a significant impact.

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