Milwaukee, Decembeer 6, 2019: Climate Strike

December 6th Milwaukee Climate Strike

On December 6th, we strike! Meet at Zeidler Park at 10:30am. Our rally and protest will launch at 11:00am.

We’re reaching out for your help as students, teachers, workers, faith leaders and constituents; and as well as your friends, neighbors and loved ones. We are currently facing a Global Climate Emergency. The insufficient amount of action being taken to address this crisis has created an urgent need for us to come together in resistance, and in solidarity, to inspire greater action and engagement at all levels of our community.

The fossil fuel industry is one of the greatest proponents of Climate Change. Wells Fargo and Chase Banks are leading this footpath of destruction with the financing of more than $347.3 Billion into the pockets of fossil fuel companies and their executives since the Paris Agreement in 2016. This includes the funding of oil pipelines, fracking, sulfide mining, coal mining, oil drilling, and the lobbying of politicians that are supposed to be on our side.

On Friday, December 6th at 10:30am we’ll walk out of our schools, workplaces and homes and strike against Wells Fargo and Chase Bank’s Milwaukee locations for the financing of the global fossil fuel empire. We demand that Chase and Wells Fargo stop loaning money to fossil fuel companies, their executives and unsustainable infrastructure and instead reinvest those funds into renewable energy sources and sustainable infrastructure; and do so through an equitable lens. You can find more details on our event page here.

Our strike is being led by a new alliance made up of Extinction Rebellion Milwaukee, Sunrise Milwaukee, Youth Climate Action Team, NextGen WI, 350 Milwaukee and the Gaia Coalition Network, as well as other independent organizers, students, and community leaders.

Collectively, we’ve chosen to form The People’s Climate Coalition to combat this crisis.

We’ll see you all on Friday, December 6th.

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