President Maduro puts the Venezuelan armed forces on alert due to intelligence showing possible Colombian military attack.

Note: President Maduro has put the Venezuelan military on high alert due to intelligence information indicating the Colombian government intends to create a conflict at their common border to justify a military attack.

There are two reasons for this. First, the Colombian government is facing massive protests over its neoliberal policies. A military conflict would be a distraction from these protests. Second, this week the US is seeting to activate an OAS treaty, the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) against Venezuela and needs a justification.

Below is an action alert sent out by the Solidarity Committee with Venezuela NYC

Urgent Call! No War!

How to Reach Congress:

Urgent call. Call your congressional representatives, NOW! tell them that you don’t want any military intervention in Venezuela for peace on the continent we require action.
Colombia has convened for this December 3, [Tues.] a summit for the activation of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) against Venezuela.
In the context of the conflicting Latin American reality, this call constitutes a new danger for peace, democracy and the right of self-determination of the peoples in the region.
It is urgent for US citizens and people around the world to pronounce itself against this conclave that intends to undertake a military aggression against Venezuela, which would benefit the regional control plans of US imperialism and allow the ruling oligarchies in the countries of the so-called Lima group [Lima Group – Wikipedia] to evade their responsibilities against economic, political and social crises that are going through, due to the disasters caused by the neoliberal model.
In solidarity,
William Camacaro
Solidarity Committee with Venezuela NYC

President Trump began openly talking about a military attack on Venezuela in August 2017. The Trump administration has done all it can to remove President Maduro from office. Repeated coup attempts have failed. The Venezuelan government closely monitors all aspects of these US attacks, with its allies Colombia and Brazil, and has thwarted them by taking precautionary actions. KZ

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