Monona, January 26, 2020: Teaching for Black Lives – A Conversation

Teaching for Black Lives – A Conversation

As educators and concerned members of this democracy we are compelled to have courageous and honest dialogue about race. Racism is the result of a complex interplay of individual attitudes, collective social values, and institutional practices.
When we begin to better understand these forces, examine our own beliefs and implicit bias’, be reflective, transparent and vulnerable there is movement forward to eradicate racism in our schools and in our society.

It is in this spirit we invite you to join the conversation with a student panel, Jesse Hagopian, and a community talk back.

Jesse Hagopian is an award-winning educator and leading voice on issues of educational equity, the school-to-prison-pipeline, standardized testing, the Black Lives Matter at School movement, and social justice unionism.

Jesse is an author, public speaker, organizer, and Ethnic Studies teacher at Seattle’s Garfield High School. Jesse is the co-editor of Teaching for Black Lives.

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