Milwaukee, January 14, 2020: Protest the Racist, Anti-Worker, War Criminal Donald Trump!

Protest Trump in Milwaukee!

6 P.M., Dontre Hamilton (Red Arrow) Park, 920 N Water Street, Milwaukee

Followed by a march to the UW Panther Arena, 400 W Kilbourn (and N 6th Street)


PROTEST SIGNS: Trump Placard Green Bay WI April 27 2019

Trump Racist Poison WI BOPM Placard April 24 2019


NOTE: Traffic and crowds will be heavy – Plan on advance transportation arrangements; public transit and car pooling suggested. Wear warm winter gear, bring hand warmers, wear layers etc. 

In solidarity with the Dontre Hamilton family, it’s suggested that protesters strongly consider not patronizing the Starbucks coffee shop at the park. Thank you. 


Protest Trump in Milwaukee!

Donald Trump is coming to Milwaukee to try and hold a white supremacist recruitment rally just days after assassinating the Commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force, General Qassem Soleimani.

Join us for a mass protest and march against Trump’s racist hate speech and war mongering. Wisconsin will stand together to say hate has no home here!

We are asking people to show up and meet first at Dontre Hamilton (Red Arrow) Park, 920 N Water Street, Milwaukee, beginning around 6 p.m.. At roughly 6:15 p.m., we will be moving to our rally location where we will run through a list of speakers from various organizations. After we have finished with our speakers, we will be marching outside the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, 400 W Kilbourn (and N 6th Street), to let Trump and his right-wing allies on the inside know that we’re there!

Protest Trump in Milwaukee!

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