Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association Representative Assembly Unanimously Passes ‘No War On Iran’ Resolution

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association building leaders unanimously passed the following anti-war resolution at last night’s representative assembly in response to the recent U.S. aggression against Iran:

Whereas; Trump’s missile strikes in Iraq targeting a senior Iranian Military official unnecessarily and recklessly escalates tensions in the region.

Whereas; A prolonged conflict with Iran would lead to the loss of Iranian and American life as well as cost trillions of dollars.

Whereas; The United States Government has continuously prioritized military intervention abroad at the expense of funding education, healthcare, and infrastructure within the United States.

Whereas; War leads to the displacement of children and families. The true victims of such a war would be the citizens of Iran.

Whereas; As recent history has shown, war with a Muslim majority country leads to rising Islamophobia at home, resulting in serious harm to the Muslim students of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Whereas; The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association is dedicated to peace, the preservation of life, the well being of students around the world.

Therefore Be it Resolved; The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association condemns Trump’s acts of Aggression on behalf of the United States Government which could escalate toward war and prolonged conflict.

Be It Further Resolved that the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association publicly issues the attached letter condemning such acts of aggression.

Be It Further Resolved; The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association calls upon the National Education Association and Education International to issue a similar statement against further acts of aggression and war.


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