Kenosha, Feb. 6, 2020: Pack the Court! Bond Reduction Hearing For Kizer

Pack the Court! Bond Reduction Hearing

3721 60th Street, Kenosha County Courthouse, 8:30 A.M.

This is a pre-trial hearing. The full trial starts is scheduled for March. Please come out, get informed and build power behind Chrystul to get these unjust charges dropped!


Chrystul’s defense lawyer, Carl Johnson, has filed a motion for Chrystul to help her get out of jail while awaiting her trial. Judge Wilks will be reviewing this request and making a decision. Currently, her bond amount is set at $1 million, which we cannot even raise 10% of.

Carl has requested a reduction in the past, but we’re hoping it will be granted this time. Chrystul has been through a lot of trauma, and jail heaps more trauma on her and separates her from her family and other supports to help her through this struggle.


In December, Chrystul’s lawyer argued that affirmative defense law applies to Chrystul’s case. Affirmative defenses protect trafficking survivors from prosecution for “offenses” as a result of being trafficked. The judge rejected this argument, and Chrystul will appeal his decision.

Appealing a judge’s decision before trial is called an interlocutory appeal. They are fairly rare, but since this would be the first application of this new law, it makes sense to attempt one. If the appeal court agrees to hear the appeal, Chrystul’s March 16 trial date will likely be pushed back.

A NOTE on court etiquette:

Chrystul’s favorite color is red, so wear red to express support. Try to dress nice (doesn’t need to be formal, but presentable), take off hats when you enter the room, no using phones or talking while court is in session (when the judge is in the room). Some members of Volar’s family often show up, so we should try to sit together as a group. Be polite, but try to avoid interaction with them.
Kizer 3 23 19 Sheboygan

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