Protesters at UW Parkside in Kenosha Demand District Attorney’s Office Drop All Charges Against Chrystul Kizer

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Photo: PSL Milwaukee from Feb. 5, 2020 protest at UW Parkside, Kenosha


The Students For a Democratic Society sponsored a protest Feb. 5, 2020 at UW Parkside joining with several other groups today to condemn the decision by the Kenosha County DA Graveley, to continue pressing charges against Chrystul Kizer, a victim of sex trafficking who had killed her captor. The Kenosha police and DA Graveley knew that the man was a sex predator and pedophile and failed to act to make sure he did not prey on any more children. We demanded and will continue demand that the charges be dropped and Chrystul be freed immediately! No justice, no peace!


Supporters of Chrystul Kizer will also pack the Kenosha Court Feb. 6: Pack the Court! Bond Reduction Hearing

District Attorney Michael Graveley is an occasional instructor at UW Parkside and is teaching Criminal Law this semester.

He is also remorselessly prosecuting Chrystul Kizer, a young Black teenager who was defending herself from rapist and child trafficker Randy Volar, a 35 year old white man. Volar threatened, sexually abused, and trafficked Chrystul and she ended up killing him in self defense. She is now facing a life in prison.

Graveley has the power to drop charges, but he continues to press on, slandering Chrystul on social media and in the court room. Join us for a rally at UW Parkside, on the first day of Graveley’s class, to demand that he drop the charges.

More info: Free Chrystul Kizer


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