#ThePeoplesPaper by the Roanoke Peoples’ Power Network, Issue 2, Spring 2020

Issue 2 | Spring 2020

It’s a new year, new decade, and we’re in the 20s!

This issue takes us into #BlackHistoryMonth, and we have got a great assortment for you. From the story of a Roanoke-born Black communist fighting fascism in Spain and at home in the 1930s, to our city government literally paving over the Black neighborhoods of Roanoke in the 1950s in the name of “urban renewal”, to a reminder that Black liberation can not be attained under capitalism.

We also take stock of the current state of women’s rights as we approach #InternationalWorkingWomensDay on March 8, clear up some of the war machine’s current wave of propaganda about Iran as the U.S. tries, yet again, to overthrow the Middle Eastern democracy, and a couple pieces on how a real “gun control” debate should focus more on the RAAP imperialist death factory in our own backyard rather than laws that will be racistly enforced by the state and jeopardize the self-defense of the oppressed & vulnerable.

We have pieces for our Comrade News section from New River Workers Power and Hood Communist, as well as revolutionary art (for one of our pieces) by Melanie Cervantes of Dignidad Rebelde!

Download & read the full issue:

Or come pick up a physical copy of it @ The Hope Center or any of our upcoming events!


Image may contain: 2 people, possible text that says 'RPPN ISSUE 2 SPRING 2020 THE PEOPLES' PAPER The publication of Roanoke Peoples' Power Network THE STRUGGLES FOR BLACK & WOMEN'S LIBERATION AND THE NEED TO BE ABLE TO PROTECT EACH OTHER'

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