Freedom Inc. Police Free Schools FAQ’s

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Even though Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action has come to an end, the fight for educational justice for Black students continues. To make this a reality we need more than just divesting and removing the cops from our schools. We need a shift of power to those most impacted.

For our final Police Free Schools FAQ, we will be answering the question – “Why are we demanding community-control over school safety and what does that look like?”


Image may contain: possible text that says 'Police Free Schools FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW SHOULD WE ADDRESS PHYSICAL FIGHTS? A hostile school environment only increases the likelihood of fights. It necessary that evidence- based practices that reduce harm--not school resource officers who are trained to cause more physical harm and criminalize students. Young people, parents, and trusted adults be practitioners transformative justice healthy relationship building. They should have decision making power in the schools to make school a healthier place. #PoliceFreeSchools #InvestlnYouth #CommunityControl SAFE SCHOOLS COALITION'

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