TAKE ACTION: President Bukele Threatens Peace and Democracy in El Salvador

Sign petition: https://bit.ly/2SM3Nm9

The Salvadoran popular movement is calling for international solidarity in the face of an alarming power grab by President Nayib Bukele. On February 9, Bukele deployed the National Civilian Police and the Armed Forces to occupy the Legislative Assembly in an attempt to force legislators to participate in an extraordinary session he convened on dubious constitutional grounds for the sole purpose of approving a $109 million loan to fund the third phase of his national security plan.

As CISPES has reported, “The deployment of the Armed Forces for expressly political aims is a gross violation of the 1992 Peace Accords that brought an end to El Salvador’s twelve-year civil war and drastically curbed the military’s role in society.”

In addition to threatening legislators if they did not attend the session, he incited his supporters on Twitter to exercise their right to popular insurrection if legislators did not comply.

Speak out against this dangerous turn towards authoritarianism in El Salvador – and call on Members of Congress and the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador to do the same.

Sign petition: https://bit.ly/2SM3Nm9


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