Native Youth Alliance appeal for funds

From the Native Youth Alliance

This will be our third annual water protectors prayer walk, this is a continuation of prayer that was made by the last water protectors who walked out of camp during the eviction of the Standing Rock prayer camps. For the past two years the prayer walk has taken place in Standing Rock ND, however this year we have decided to move our location to Washington D.C where the youth runners had ran in opposition of DAPL.

We are now returning to Washington D.C to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with all water protectors. This year we will be holding a special prayer for our Wet’suwet’en relatives. We will also be showing a film called the Omaha Speaking about the last fluent speakers of the Omaha Language, feating a panel discussion with the film director, respected elders and UN year of indigenous languages UNIPPF speakers.
The Native Youth Alliance requests your financial help in sending them to Washington, D.C.

Donations can be made via

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