Coaltion to March on the DNC Heads to UNAC! Help Contribute Travel Funds

Hey y’all,

Four of us from the Coalition to March on the DNC will be heading out to the United National Anti-war Coalition conference in New York City! Activists from around the US will be attending this conference to support the national anti-war effort. The Coalition to March on the DNC will be going to secure endorsements from a multitude of organizations that will be attending. We are also being given a slot of time to speak to hundreds of activists, explaining the importance of our coalition.

It’s important to get the endorsement and participation of activists around the country to show the DNC that we are tired of corporate politics as usual. This is a chance for various orgs to be shown in a national spotlight and have a chance to get on the mainstream consciousness. Activists in the coalition are spending their money and time to attend this conference because we understand the urgency of organizing against the DNC. This GoFundMe is being created to cover the cost of lodging and travel for the four coalition organizers that will be heading out to NYC. The organizers attending this conference also organize in groups Students for a Democratic Society (Parkside), Young People’s Resistance Committee, and Young Workers Committee!

The Coalition To March on the DNC advocates for a people’s agenda and the following 9 points of unity amongst coalition members.

– End U.S. Wars & Interventions

– End Police Terror & Community Control of the Police

– Legalization for All & No More Deportations

– Tax the Rich

– Medicare for All

– Climate Action Now

– Fight to Expand Union and Worker’s Rights

– Peace, Justice, & Equality

– Wage War on Poverty, Not the Poor

We have been working hard on winning the endorsement of organizations nationally and locally. We’ve already got a pretty huge list of orgs that endorse and support our coalition. The Coalition to March on the DNC has also successfully hosted rallies attended by thousands of people! It’s important to support grassroots organizing, and every dollar counts for a lot.

Thanks y’all! Any support would mean the world to us.

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