Madison, March 4, 2020: Demand Parole Release Rally!

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Demand Parole Release Rally!

Wisconsin’s parole commission is a disintegrating disaster.

Volunteers, organizers and supporters of people sentenced under the old law (and thus eligible for parole) have been attending the monthly meetings of the parole commission since last August. There we have seen evidence of active efforts to sabotage and obstruct the long overdue releases of our loved ones.

The racism and signs of manipulation we witnessed at January’s meeting were particularly intolerable. We will not sit and watch this injustice any longer. From now on we will follow the monthly meetings with a rally supporting reform and releases.

We’re asking you to join us on February 5 and on the first Wednesday of every month thereafter until they LET OUR PEOPLE GO!


9:30 am- attend the public portion of the parole commission meeting. Public is not welcomed to speak during the meeting, but the more people we have bearing witness, the more pressure for reform will be felt.

Unknown- the meeting will go to closed session and we will have to leave the room, but will gather outside near the staff parking lot on the south side of the building.
12:00- rally and press conference, outside the DOC building on the south rise. We will have speeches, signs and chants demanding release of our loved ones as the parole commissioners leave the building.

Speakers include:

Talib Akbar- survivor of Wisconsin prison system, sentenced under the old law and released in 2013. Organizer with MOSES.

Davina Jones- fiance and advocate for Anton C. Hudson, currently trapped in Wisconsin prison under the old law.

More TBA

If you cannot attend, please support this effort by signing and sharing our petition demanding accelerated releases and reformed criteria.


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