#WeLoveOurPublicSchools Week: Student Art Gallery + Mini Daily Action

Good morning!

Happy 4th day of #WeLoveOurPublicSchools Week.

The portrait above is part of a student art gallery put on by the Wisconsin Art Education Association that is currently set up in the Capitol Rotunda. It features work from students of all ages from every corner of State! Visit Wisconsin Art Education Association Facebook page or the Capitol Rotunda to see more!

MINI DAILY ACTION: Make a Facebook status or tweet that reads “I love my public school because [fill in your amazing personal story here].” Tag your local elected officials or write the reason on their wall so they can see why Public Schools are the heart of our communities! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PublicSchoolProud and #WeLoveOurPublicSchools.

It is not too late to make this week count!

If you are looking for some more joy, check out all the cool things we have been sharing on our Facebook page, the art gallery is ONE OF MANY!

Thank you so much for all that has already been done to make this week successful,


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