National Network of Abortion Funds: Appreciating our network’s Black leaders

Happy Black History Month!

This Black History Month (and every day!) we honor the rich legacy of dignity and power Black people build to make liberation a reality. We also honor the many Black folks like Trayvon Martin who have become ancestors at the hands of state sanctioned violence.

At the National Network of Abortion Funds, we approach our work through a Reproductive Justice framework, with clear commitments to intersectionality and racial justice. Reproductive justice is a framework and approach started and led by women of color, specifically Black women from SisterSong. It is an invitation and a call to action beyond the gender equality, abortion rights, or pro-choice framework that often does not account for the many ways institutions, cultural norms, and systems of oppression exert control over people’s bodies and decisions, especially for people of color and people affected by economic injustice.

When we imagine freedom, we look beyond how the more privileged among us navigate systems safely. We understand liberation and humanity, particularly for those who are marginalized, are impacted by white supremacy and anti-Black racism. Our work must move us all towards action to build a world without the harmful systems that hold us down, and towards lifting up and centering the most marginalized among us.

Carry the conversation forward after this month by having Black and Bold Heart-to-Hearts on the intersections of Black liberation and Reproductive Justice. Invite your friends, family, and acquaintances into meaningful conversations about Reproductive Justice, issues that relate to abortion, and why you support abortion funds. We believe dialogue, storytelling, and intentional conversations are powerful tools to organizing and strengthening our movement. We hope these conversations will serve as a catalyst to deepen connections and make abortion access a reality.

Thank you for all the love and labor you extend towards shaping a world where Black lives and all of our lives can thrive.

In solidarity, 

National Network of Abortion Funds

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