Candidate for CA State Assembly Calls for a “bottom up” revolution

By Cassandra Devereaux

“….In 1969 Fred Hampton, Sr. the charismatic Black Panther Party deputy chairman was shot around a hundred times by Chicago P.D. in his home, in his bed, laying next to his pregnant partner. This murder was part of the notorious COINTELPRO, or Counter Intelligence Program used by the FBI to break Black, Brown, and progressive peoples’ movements. A charismatic orator, Hampton famously said, “Socialism is the people. If you’re afraid of socialism, you’re afraid of yourself.”

The revolution is in the hands of the people. This is why I, in the spirit of my socialist forebears, say that revolutions are won from the ground up, by the people for the people. That is why I say that candidates like myself are not, ourselves, the revolution. You are. We are. The revolution is the people. The revolution is us.

Therefore, it is with revolutionary love I speak with you today, and I know that when we leave this park and go our own ways, we will spread our revolution joining across lines that the powerful hope might divide us. Our revolutionary task today is to build solidarity. With solidarity, no system is too formidable to withstand us. We will house all, we will end the rule of fear, and we will win humane flourishing for all.

Again, my name is Cassandra Devereaux, and I am running for California State Assembly, District 14. You can find me online at and on Facebook and Twitter by following @CallMeCassieD

As the Spanish slogan goes, ¡Venceremos! Together, we win!”

Cassandra Devereaux press conf Vallejo PD 012220

Cassandra Devereaux speaking at a press conference in front of the Vallejo Police Department on Jan. 22, 2020. | Photo: Terri Kay

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