Milwaukee: Defend Chance, Suspended Grievance Officer for United Steel Workers. Help Fight for Workers’ Rights!

Our friend Chance Zombor serves as the Chief Grievance Officer for the United Steel Workers at Briggs and Stratton. While Chance was exercising his contractually protected right to talk to workers at a warehouse the bosses decided they were going to try to shut down the workers rights to speak to one another and demanded Chance leave. The company took this opportunity to attack the union and placed Chance on suspension pending an investigation, it’s unclear if he will be paid for the time he is suspended. This is an obvious attempt to shut down the unions progress in achieving better conditions for all workers. Chance’s coworkers know this and are prepared to stand up. The community can support labor by donating so Chance can have the things he needs to support himself and his family while he is suspended. Please donate to Chance and support his courageous organizing at this large Milwaukee manufacturer.

Contribute here:

Chance and son

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