Join the Jobs With Justice Unified Action Team! Make Government, Big Business and the Banks Accountable!


Stand in solidarity with working people as we join together in an effort to protect workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. From securing paid leave for all working people, to expanding unemployment benefits, and ensuring that no one goes broke, loses their home, or livelihoods due to the ongoing outbreak, Jobs With Justice is forming a the Unified Action Team to respond to the crisis.
By signing up for the Jobs With Justice Unified Action Team, you are part of a group of activists ready to swoop in and take action to protect working people during this vulnerable time. From digital actions, to ways we can help directly in our communities, we will be passing along valuable information on how you can get involved locally and nationally.

Our activists are what makes Jobs With Justice an amazing organization and in our current moment, we need you more than ever.

Sign up and be part of the team that will hold governments and big businesses accountable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

In Solidarity,

Jobs With Justice

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