March 28, 2020: Free Chrystul Kizer: Online Day of Action

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Free Chrystul Kizer Online Day of Action Saturday, March 28th, 2020 Justice For Chrpstul! Donate to Chrystul's legal defense! Share Chrystul's Story Write to DA Graveley Write to Chrystul'

Free Chrystul Kizer: Online Day of Action

On this day, we’re asking you to take 4 actions to support Chrystul Kizer, or however many of them you can. March 28th is a day that we’re focused upon, but these actions can and should be taken on any day, as often as possible!

Kenosha DA Michael Graveley is choosing to assert to Chrystul, her family and all of us that Black women and girls do not live lives worth saving. Chrystul was a child and was being victimized and sexually exploited by an adult. Black girls have the right to resist sexual violence and the right to survive.

Here are the 4 actions:

1) The most meaningful action you can take is asserting with your dollars (towards Chrystul’s legal defense) that Black girls deserve dignity, autonomy and justice.

We want to raise at least $1,500 for Chrystul on the 28th. Anything at all that you can give is meaningful!

Donate at the following link:

2) Share Chrystul’s story. On social media, use hashtags #FreeChrystul, #HandsOffChrystul and #FreeChrystulKizer. Call your grandma and tell her Chrystul’s story. Email your coworkers and tell them Chrystul’s story. Tell everybody! Ask them to donate!

3) Assert to Chrystul that she is loved, that she’s cared for, and that she will be fought for.

Chrystul Kizer (ID: 138378)
Kenosha County Pre Trial Facility
1000 55th St Kenosha, WI 53140

Here’s a toolkit on writing letters to incarcerated survivors from Survived & Punished:

4) Assert to DA Graveley all of the same, and that he will be held accountable. Download a postcard to print and send or find his mailing address at the following link:

Chrystul Kizer is a human trafficking survivor from Milwaukee. In June 2018 when she was 17 years old, she shot and killed Randy Volar in an act of self-defense. Volar was committing acts of violence and exploitation against Black girls, including Chrystul.

Prior to his death, officials in Kenosha knew about Randy Volar’s history of sexual abuse against young Black girls. In February 2018, Volar, a 33-year old white man, was arrested on multiple charges including child sexual assault and was released without bail. Police had collected evidence that shows Volar had been sexually abusing multiple Black girls, including Chrystul.

Yet, DA Michael Graveley is charging Chrystul with first-degree intentional homicide, which carries a life sentence in Wisconsin; her bail is set at $400,000.

Chrystul Kizer is a hero. The people are going to get her free. Follow Free Chrystul Kizer.

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