Trump appointees attempting to gut LGBTQ+ worker protections at the NLRB

The Trump administration is trying to rescind protections for LGBTQ+ workers at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in a continuation of worker attacks, according to the NLRB Professional Association (NLRBPA).

Currently, LGBTQ+ workers at the NLRB, the federal agency responsible for enforcing labor law, are protected by a collective bargaining agreement that banned discrimination based on sexual orientation in 2002. However, that collective bargaining agreement ended in 2019 and the organizations are currently negotiating a new contract.

The NLRBPA, the organization that represents NLRB workers, said that NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb and NLRB Chair John Ring, who were both appointed by the current White House administration, sent a proposed contract that eliminates the ban on anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination as well as the agency’s Equal Employment Opportunity Committee that was operated by both workers and management to address discrimination issues at the NLRB.

For the whole story in LGBTQ Nation, click here.


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