COVID-19 Strike Wave Interactive Map

Each point contains a link to each of the more with more information on the strike.

So far, we’ve identified over 140 wildcat strikes that happened since the beginning of March. (Several larger strikes like at Instacart and Whole Foods happened in multiple cities).

We suspect many strikes aren’t reporting at all for a variety of reasons and that the numbers are higher than we can track.

The map will be updated regularly. Send updates on new strikes to

In some places, workers are simply calling out sick en mass and refusing to show up so bosses shut dow their plants.

Many areas have no reporters with connections to the labor movement so many strikes are going completely uncovered.

In other places, workers have protested for an hour or two before bosses have agreed to workers’ demands.

Also, some union leaders are hesitant to get the media involved out of fear of retalation

So, we need to keep sending tips to Payday for our strike at 

Donate to Help Cover Labor’s Fight Back Against COVID-19

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