Movement for Black Lives Calls For Week of Resistance June 1-5, 2020

A message from The Movement for Black Lives

We are living testaments to a lineage of resistance. We are products of slave rebellions, uprisings against state sanctioned violence, and organizing. When we are in the streets- digitally or physically-are honoring our ancestors who declared unapologetically that Black Lives Matter.

Our lives are proof that resistance matters. We at the Movement For Black Lives believe that it is our mandate, in a moment where the police and vigilantes have increased their terror, that we make a clear and proud commitment to be in Defense of Black Lives.

Yesterday thousands of us gathered online to hear from resisters on the ground and receive direction for how we can join the fight. Here is a beautiful recap of the powerful conversation (shown in the 2nd image).

We know that after another night of rebellions across the country, and intense state repression in almost every major city, our communities are angry, and tender. The national guard has been deployed across the country and curfews have swept the nation. Last night was for so many people another example of the exacting terror inflicted at the hands of police and military.
The Movement For Black Lives, and organizers from across the country, invite you to rise up with us and say no more! We are calling for a week of action June 1st to 5th In Defense of Black Lives. This is an opportunity to uplift and fight alongside those turning up in the streets and on the airwaves.

Today we prepare for the week ahead by intentionally grounding ourselves and fortifying our spirits for the protracted struggle. Today we make space for collective mourning and resilience as we get in touch with what is required of us in this moment. Join us by taking part in the following steps:

1.Change your social media profile pictures to the 1stt image below to show that you are committed to being in defense of Black lives.

2. Participate in a spiritual grounding activity.

3. Text ActionNOW to 90975 to receive action updates for the week of action.

In the meantime, stay as safe as possible, drink water, and lean into healing and resiliency.


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