Milwaukee, June 2, 2020: Justice for George Floyd Protest

From some nurse friends: Rest stop/basic first aid at the corner of Homer and KK. We will have water, fruit and granola bars. Chairs to sit and rest for a moment and supplies to offer basic first aid. We will be close enough to the fire station if we need to get someone medical attention.

Honeypie Cafe will have a water stand and accepting drop-offs at 10 am.

If you’re planning on offering supplies from your car while en route, please consider adding signage to your car that makes you & the resource you’re offering (ex: water/snacks/first aid/additional ride space) easily identifiable to others who will be walking!

Contributions needed:

❗️Water bottles
❗️Trail mix*

Other items that we are bringing that can be shared or distributed among multiple people:

❗️Hand sanitizer (we have 4 or 5 bottles)
❗️Face masks (30 so far)
❗️Sunscreen (spf 30 spray)

IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE ITEMS, PLEASE BRING THEM FOR YOURSELVES AND FOR OTHERS IN NEED IF YOU CAN. Not everyone has the same easy access to these items and we need everyone marching/riding/standing by our side to be as SAFE and HEALTHY as possible coming in and going home.

Other items we don’t have yet, but are on the lookout for:

❗️Goggles and other protective eye gear
❗️Milk of Magnesia/Antacid
❗️Other first aid supplies!
❗️Protective head gear


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