Shorewood, June 6, 2020: Justice for George Floyd Protest

4000 N Lake Dr. Shorewood, WI 


Join us for a peaceful protest throughout the North Shore as we fight for Justice for George Floyd and the end of police brutality.

Donations should be made to bail funding or should go towards food/water/first aid

We will meet at Atwater Park at 1 PM. The route is posted in the event page. We will begin by going north on Lake Drive. This is almost a 7-mile walk. Bring comfortable clothes, good shoes, water, and food. Of course, bring signs and wear masks.

Be ready to live stream, take photos and video and share on all social medias.

From the organizer’s update:

Hi all! I just got back from protesting for 7 hours Downtown Milwaukee! I am very excited for Saturday.

A few updates:

1. We are organizing a list of students, local activists, community faith leaders and more to make statements before the protest begins. We will gather at 1 PM at Atwater and get supplies together. At 1:20 PM, we will begin remarks. At 1:40 PM, we will try to begin the protest.

2. We are looking for megaphones. If you have one, private message me.

3. So many people have reached out and asked how they can help. The best way right now is to share this event with your friends! Also, you can bring food, water, and first aid supplies to Atwater Park or drop them off at any main intersection/turn we will be taking along the route.

4. MASKS: Please, please, please wear a mask to the protest! In addition, we are looking for people who have extra masks that they can hand out to people who do not have one or forgot theirs.

5. I have talked to the organizers of the protest beginning south of us and in WFB. Out plan is to merge with both of the groups at some point. I cannot provide specific about where or when we will be merging because I truly do not know.

As always, message me or comment if you have any questions. Really looking forward and thank you again for all the support!




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