IATSE Union: Justice For George Floyd!


George Floyd Statement

The stage employees union, IATSE Local 13 of Minneapolis-St.Paul, stands with our community in grief and mourning over the murder of George Floyd. We fully support the movement and protests calling for swift justice – the arrest and prosecution of the four Minneapolis police officers responsible for this horrific crime. We, as a union and members of the Minneapolis-St Paul community, cannot look away from the systemic racism, injustice, and brutality that led us to this terrible moment. Urgent and deep reform of the police department and government institutions as a whole is necessary to bring the justice we seek and the justice we need, not only for George Floyd, but for all victims of police brutality and violence.

It is tragic that the biggest roadblock to these vital reforms is the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, especially under the leadership of President Bob Kroll. Political leaders and elected officials have tried to begin these reforms, only to be blocked and stymied by the police union. For example, Mayor Frey banned the use of so-called “Warrior Training,” only to have that same training be offered by the union.

The Labor Movement must stand in solidarity with workers, the powerless, and the oppressed. Failure to do so would amount to tacit approval of the systems of violence and repression that allowed the callous murder of George Floyd to occur. Therefore we call for the immediate resignation of Bob Kroll from his position in the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. We also call on all unions and labor organizations to immediately cease all affiliation and recognition of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. This is not a position we have come to lightly or easily, but we refuse to stand by idly. There is no Labor Movement without justice, and we need justice for George Floyd.

— From the union’s own page IATSE


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