Madison, June 6, 2020 Online: In Defense of Black Life: Cambodian Community Conversation

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In Defense of Black Life: Cambodian Community Conv

Hosted by Southeast Asian Freedom Network – SEAFN

Dear Cambodians,

Now is the time for us to show up as survivors and to defend Black lives. We cannot remain neutral as Black people face genocide in this country. We must roll up our sleeves, hit the streets, and do our part until Black Lives Matter.

Cambodians, we know what it means for our lives to be taken by armed agents of the state while no one pays attention, here and in our homeland. We know what it means to be forced to find peace with our trauma and to find justice on our own without solidarity from the outside world. We know it’s difficult to live with the contradictions of our experiences in this moment. We must challenge ourselves to defend Black lives.

Southeast Asian Freedom Network invites you to join us for a panel and conversation about what it means to be Cambodian in this moment.

Join Our Conversation this Saturday, June 6th at 4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST. Tune in at that time to catch the Facebook Live which will be streamed on SEAFN’s FB page.

This event is in support of The Movement for Black Lives‘s week of action. Sign the pledge today at

#DefundPolice #DefendBlackLife

Southeast Asian Freedom Network

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