Detroit, June 9, 2020: Car Caravan- Stop Evictions -Support Village Prop Tenants Union!

Car Caravan- Stop Evictions -Support Village Prop Tenants Union!

Tuesday June 9
2pm – 3:30pm
Starts at 7737 Kercheval Avenue Detroit, MI

Join us for a car caravan protest against evictions during the
coronavirus crisis in in support of the Villages Properties Tenants
Union. Support tenant organizing in Detroit! Take Action to Protect
Homes and Stop Evictions During the Coronavirus Pandemic! Don’t let this
health crisis turn into a new housing crisis!

Meet in the parking lot at Butzel Family Center 7737 Kercheval Avenue in
Detroit on Tuesday, June 9th at 2 p.m
. From there we will lead a car
caravan through the neighborhood. Bikes are also invited, we will be
going slow. We will be staying in our vehicles and practicing social

Make signs for your car! Make noise! Show that we are not going to sit
by and watch as people get thrown out of their homes during a pandemic!

Michigan banned evictions during the coronavirus pandemic, but that ban
is set to end on June 11. We can’t let this happen and we must act now
before a tidal wave of evictions kicks countless people from their homes
and destroys our communities.

We demand:
1. That the Governor extend the ban on evictions until 60 days beyond
the state of emergency and expand the ban to prohibit foreclosures,
2. The cancellation of rent, mortgage and land contract payments during
the crisis, and
3. That the money given to Detroit by the federal government for rental
assistance be given directly to tenants who need it as soon as possible.

We support the Villages Properties Tenants Union demands:

1. Meet with us as a group and recognize our tenants union;
2. Grant us some form of rent relief, including a three month rent
3. Make requested repairs and provide lead and mold testing,
remediation, pest eradication, and proper insulation in all properties
4. Meet with the greater community to discuss development that benefits
long-term residents as well as newcomers, including negotiating a
Community Benefits Agreement

Massive amounts of people are losing their jobs and income as a result
of the coronavirus pandemic, at a rate and speed not seen since the
Great Depression. This is leading to thousands of people not being able
to pay their rent and mortgage payments. Governor Whitmer signed an
executive order prohibiting evictions, but that order expires after
Thursday, June 11th. We cannot let evictions resume and we must do
whatever we can to pressure Michigan to protect people’s homes and
prevent the next housing crisis.

Michigan’s prohibition on evictions must be extended until at least 60
days after the end of the state of emergency, and it must be expanded to
prohibit foreclosures as well. Michigan must also cancel rent and
mortgage payments during this crisis so that people aren’t faced with an
insurmountable mountain of back payments to pay after the state of
emergency ends.

Call Governor Whitmer at 517-373-3400 and demand that she extend the
prohibition on evictions until at least 60 days after the end of the
state of emergency, expand it to include foreclosures, and cancel rent
and mortgage payments.

No evictions! No foreclosures! Defend the Villages Properties Tenants
Union! Cancel rent and mortgage payments! Join us as we take action to
stop the next housing crisis before it starts!

We need to defend our neighbors from eviction as well as police
violence. Both are attacks on neighbors, family and friends and we must
stand against them. Black lives matter and black homes matter. At the
end of our car caravan route, we will head down to the Justice for
George Floyd Protests at 1301 3rd Street 4pm. We invite those who can to
join us there.

Sponsored by Detroit Eviction Defense, Village Properties Tenants
Union, Detroit Renter City,  Charlevoix Villages Association and No Rent

Car Caravan- Stop Evictions -Support Village Prop Tenants Union!

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