Madison, June 7, 2020: Finishing the Work: Solidarity March

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Finishing the Work: Solidarity March

This Solidarity March is sponsored, planned, and organized by the local pastors of the African American Council of Churches. The purpose of this March is to bring the faith community (All others are welcomed to march as well) together to stand up and speak out against racism, injustice and declare “Black Lives Matter.”

This is not a political March but it is one that will cry out for justice. This march is not because of one singular event but for the many years of oppression African Americans have experienced in this nation.

We will start gathering at 530pm at the corner of University and Park street. Bethel Lutheran Church has agreed to allow us to use their parking lot which is located at 312 Wisconsin Ave, Madison, WI.

We will march through Library Mall, down State Street, and end at the City-County Building. We will stop every 8 minutes and 46 seconds to be reminded of how long that police officer was on the neck of Mr. George Floyd before he murdered him.

We are asking everyone to wear a mask.**** We will try our very best to practice some form of social distancing.

If you desire to drop off cases of water please bring to the starting point or the City-County Building no later than 5 pm Sunday, June 7, 2020.

If you are unable to march we understand. You can meet us at the City-County Building and park your car or find a location where you can sit apart from the crowd. We will have this event streaming on our Facebook page also. More than anything we ask for your prayers.

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