Madison, June 15, 2020: Allies Rally for Black Lives


Allies Rally for Black Lives

Calling all Madison Allies for Black Lives!

Black leaders from all over the city, the country and even the world have been spending countless hours to let the world know that they refuse to go unheard any longer, to make sure we know not only that Black Lives Matter but that NOW is the time for resources and power to be shifted swiftly away from oppressive institutions and into the communities most impacted by racism, capitalism, and police violence. We cannot let all of the burden of organizing and acting fall on those communities. As allies in the Movement for Black Lives, it is beyond time for us to do our part. It is our turn to stand up, speak up, and put our bodies and resources into the movement.

Please join Families for Justice, White Educators Actively Working for Antiracism, and Allies for Black Lives this coming Monday, June 15 at 4pm and demand that Madison act now to defund the police and invest in Black people! We are following the lead and request for action that has been put forth by Freedom, Inc and Urban Triage.

Be prepared to hear speakers including Dr. Damita Brown of Dane County Time Bank, Justice Castaneda of Commonwealth Development, County Sup Heidi Wegleitner talk about why the police are a bad investment. This will be followed by a march (and a car caravan option too). We will be encouraging safety precautions, so please bring a mask if you have one. We will announce the location of the event on the day of.

When we follow the lead of Black leaders, the whole world benefits. As Otis Madison once said, “Racism is to control the behavior of white people.” Let that sink in. If it weren’t for racism, people of all colors would have long ago banded together and risen up against the elites who are making all of our lives more difficult. Many accomplished Black scholars including Robin DG Kelley and Cedric Robinson have written about the crucial psychological role of race in covering for the abuses of capitalism. Imagine all that we could accomplish if the 99% could finally unite!

Let’s make a step towards uniting on Monday by standing with those most impacted by the worst the system has to offer. Let’s stand with Black leadership young and old to show that we will no longer be divided. Thank you to all who are doing the work and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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