Legal Aid & Resources: Milwaukee Freedom Fund

Legal Aid & Resources: Milwaukee Freedom Fund

Our page and info is very hastily ready. We ask that you read this through before sharing or committing support. Especially our FAQ Page

Welcome to the Milwaukee Freedom Fund Page!

Here’s where you can find all the info about us after week one!

About Milwaukee Freedom Fund and FAQs:
Please read these before you donate, we love the enthusiasm. And our mission and purpose have evolved. There is no room for half measures.
Make your newly tax-deductible donation here:

Know someone who received a citation or is still in jail? And you need help connecting with an attorney? Don’t panic! And do not pay a ticket till you have spoken with a lawyer. Help IS coming from a whole team of lawyers and legal support. These tickets are BS and should be dropped. For now keep filling out this link: and legal support will know who to reach out to when they can. Theres a lot of ticketed protesters and a lot of time before those tickets need to be paid.

This is what one individual, a group of Black and Brown organizers, helpers, and monetary support can do in ONE WEEK. Love this mission and want to see a functioning supported Bail Fund in Milwaukee? Connect with us! Huge thanks to everyone that supported this and we are fired up to see what’s next!

*Video and evidence will be collected by the ACLU more news is coming
*The page will be restricted until we have the capacity to do the monitoring required, questions about this? See the FAQ page.
**We know this is not perfect, remember we are learning too.
* There is a lot of room to collaborate, sometimes money has to move faster and sometimes a form and reciepts dont make sense. Who knew the revolution might need accountants? There is room for everyone, this is our piece

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