Milwaukee, June 28, 2020: Burgers For Black Lives.

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Burgers For Black Lives.

Hello Milwaukee, Chef Vinny here. Although I’m glad we are operating again, I can not forget there is a big part of our community hurting now that has been hurting for years and it’s time for me to step up and try to make a difference. I feel like it is our duty as a community to pick one another up when we are down and I’m sad it had to come to these awful circumstances that have taken place this year for America as a whole to see this as a problem. To make progress we must take the first step.
On Sunday June 28th we are going to do a burger fundraiser and this is how it’s going to work.

1. The burger we will be selling is my favorite a 1/2# patty with cheddar cheese, raw onion, mayo, and a pickle. Substitutions are fine and we will have ketchup and mustard available. For $10. We will have 100 burgers, when we are out we are out.

2. THIS IS A CASH ONLY EVENT. So grab a $10 bill before you come.

3. 100% of proceeds and tips will be donated to the BLOC Milwaukee.

4. It will be done in a walk up and order style out of the back door of The Original (the entrance from the patio). If it is as busy as I hope please respect each others distance.

5. As always be safe, be kind, and hope to see you there.

Burgers For Black Lives.

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