June 14-19, 2020: #PoliceFreeSchools Week Of Action (Livestreams)

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Week of Action: CopsOutCPS

This week, we’re calling on our community to join us in a week of action where together we will continue to educate ourselves, build community with each other celebrate our work, and fight for #PoliceFreeSchools in Chicago, once and for all. Below, you can find details about actions, workshops and events going on throughout the week:

Sunday, June 14th at 12PM CST, Hyde Park Academy
Graduated March for #DefundCPD and #CopsOutCPS
Join recent CPS graduates, alum, and community members for a march to demand #DefundCPD and #CopsOutCPS.

Monday, June 15th at 5PM CST, Zoom and Facebook Live
The School to Prison Pipeline
A virtual workshop facilitated by Chicago Freedom School about how policing in schools impacts the educational and life outcomes of students of color.

Tuesday, June 16th at 5PM CST, Zoom and Facebook Live
Alternatives to Policing
Calling the police is never the answer – hear directly from students in Chicago about alternatives to policing at this youth led virtual workshop.

Wednesday, June 17th at 5PM CST, Zoom and Facebook Live
#PoliceFreeSchools: National Roundtable
A national roundtable online conversation with organizers across the country leading the fight to remove police from schools.

Thursday, June 18th at 5PM CST, Zoom and Facebook Live
A History of Policing in Schools
When and why were police placed in schools? Join FYSH Youth from the HANA Center as they share background on what the School Resource Officer (SRO) program is.

Friday, June 19th at 5PM CST, Zoom and Facebook Live
CPD out of CPS event
Join Chicago Freedom Schools at their virtual rally for #CPDoutofCPS and celebrate Black youth on Juneteeth.

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