Milwaukee, June 16, 2020: The People’s Movement Protest and Pop-Up Project

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PMM Peaceful Protest and Pop-Up Project

We are going to be doing things a little different during the June 16th, 2020 gathering and protest.

We ask that those joining us wear clothing they don’t mind getting messy in as we will all be partaking in a “pop-up” paint/art project of sorts.

We urge the community to continue to wear masks for their own safety during all of our events. We are still dealing with a pandemic.

Gathering and Supply Donation: 4pm
Walking of the protest/project: 5pm

If you’d like to donate financially so that supplies can be purchased as well (Masks, Water, Snacks, Etc) our currently used Venmo is @TomiBordeaux

The route will be determined by what is safest for the group as a whole taking into consideration all parties involved.

We thank everyone over the last two weeks who have continued to join in these protest gatherings and want to remind everyone that with the continuation of this we have become a movement and there will always be power behind your voice and IT DESERVES TO BE HEARD!


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