LEAFLET: ‘They Ain’t Peaceful: The Rich Loot Wisconsin 24/7! (They Are Who The Police Really Protect)’

They Ain’t Peaceful Rich Bradley WI BOPM Leaflet 6 20 2020


In a 2011 interview, Grebe emphasized the Bradley Foundation’s continued funding of right-wing think tanks and advocacy groups.

“In many respects, being stewards has caused us to continue funding what some of us refer to as the conservative intellectual infrastructure in this country through think tanks, academics and publications,” Grebe said. “We continue to do that. I don’t think as a matter of philosophical orientation, (the foundation) has changed much in that area. We still look for conservatives who are developing ideas in public policy.”

Michael Grebe, former President and CEO of the Bradley Foundation and Board Member, Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (sourcewatch.org)


Note: Bradley money helped to fund the eugenics based book “The Bell Curve….” whose authors state Black people are “genetically inferior”

Bradley’s 990 Forms:

Listings of Those who’ve received “grants:”



Bradley Foundation

1400 N Water Street, Suite 300

Milwaukee, WI 53202


Wisconsin Institute for

Law & Liberty

330 E. Kilbourn Ave, Suite 725

Milwaukee, WI 53202

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