Protest the Racist, Anti-Worker Bigot Mike Pence in Pewaukee, WI June 23, 2020

Protest Pence: Demand Equality for All!

Vice President Mike Pence will be coming to Waukesha County next Tuesday on a campaign stop supporting President Donald Trump.

Pence will appear at the Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Join us in this unity protest for access to health care for the LGBTQ+ community, for Black Lives Matter and reproductive rights for women!

We’re stronger together!

Meeting at the Lake Country Recreation Trail Landsberg Center in the parking lot tomorrow at noon. We expect to be there until about 2 p.m.

Please wear a mask and social distance as much as possible. This will be a family-friendly protest.

In the event of thunderstorms, we will get in our cars and honk our horns at 1 p.m. (the start of Pence’s speech), which will be able to be heard inside the hotel! Please bring an umbrella. In the event of light showers, there is a covered awning that goes around one of the buildings that is suitable for us to stand under. The showers are only expected to be light in the afternoon and intermittent.

Please bring: an umbrella, water/snacks, a mask, sunscreen, any protest signs, and comfortable shoes!

No photo description available.

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