We Thank You Wednesday, July 1, 2020: Solidarity With Union Postal Workers!

We Thank You Wednesday

These letter carriers, postal workers, mail handlers and more have continued to keep us connected during this global pandemic.

Wednesday, July 1st
West Milwaukee USPS Branch- 4300 W. Lincoln Ave.

There is a gate on Lincoln Ave. and another on Miller Parkway so we hope to space out between the two to show our thanks as postal workers and letter carriers come and go.

There is limited parking in the lot so you may want to park in the southeast corner of the Pick n Save lot and walk around the corner.

We take the health and safety of our members seriously. For that reason, we require all those who join in We Thank You Wednesday’s show of support to wear masks and maintain social distancing rules of staying at least 6 feet apart during our rally.


**For the last 27 years, the National Association of Letter Carriers has been proud to hold the Stamp Out Hunger food drive, the nation’s largest one day food drive, on the second Saturday in May. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we weren’t able to safely collect and distribute food in May this year.

In the meantime, the need for food assistance is more urgent than ever and we want to give everyone the opportunity to continue to help meet that need.

Please consider standing in solidarity with the NALC Pioneer Branch 2 by making a donation to Hunger Task Force, Inc.– the Stamp Out Hunger partner, making sure to keep food free and local in the Milwaukee Area**

Postal workers and allies march in Detroit August 2010.

Postal workers and allies march in Detroit August 2010.


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