Miami, June 27, 2020: Protest U.S. Threats Against Cuba and Venezuela

Protest U.S. Threats Against Cuba and Venezuela

From London to Sydney and from Berlin to Tokyo, thousands are marching around the world protesting the systemic racism, repression, and lack of democracy inside the United States. The fight against injustice is worldwide!
We urge our sisters and brothers protesting the racist police murder of George Floyd to also raise our voices against how the US government has its boot on the necks of people struggling for social progress and self-determination in Cuba and Venezuela.
Washington is trying to force Cuba and Venezuela, countries where the people have overthrown U.S.-backed dictatorships, into submission. The militarization of the police we see on our streets is matched by US military threats against Cuba and Venezuela. Brutal economic sanctions and illegal blockades are aimed at squeezing the life out of those nations. Washington is deliberately making it even more difficult for people to get the food and medicines they need during a worldwide pandemic.
While the government here has gutted our health care system and allowed the Corona pandemic to fall most heavily on the working people, especially Blacks and Latinos, Cuba has sent out thousands of medical volunteers to fulfill requests from more than 20 nations around the world for assistance in the worldwide fight against COVID-19. They share what they have, not what’s left over!
We are attaching an image of a flyer that we’ve distributed for this event at several actions demanding justice for George Floyd and other victims of racist police violence.We urge you to make copies and help us build this action!
We will be observing precautions of solidarity at this action. Please wear a mask and observe 6 feet of separation.

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