Whitewater, June 30, 2020: Justice Rocks! (Part 2)

Justice Rocks! (Part 2)

Paint rocks with meaningful messages on Tuesday, June 30th at 4:30 pm, located at Cravath Lakefront Park in Whitewater, WI!

Feel free to bring some supplies and search for rocks ahead of time! (Some supplies will be provided but it is first-come-first-serve) The rocks painted will be placed all around Whitewater in gardens, local businesses, and more. Feel free to even paint a rock for your yard! Advocate through creativity and art.

You might be saying to yourself- “This event sounds familiar?” It is! We did this event for Juneteenth but sadly some community members from a former group called “Whitewater Rocks” threw them away. But that won’t stop us!

March on Main will take place the same day at 6:00 pm- Learn more in the March Against Police Brutality – Whitewater Facebook Group

*Please wear a mask due to COVID-19*

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