Wauwatosa, June 29, 2020: Justice for Joel Acevedo!

From Khalil Coleman:

Peoples Movement! Day 32✊🏾

Today, Monday June 29th at 3:30pm we’ll be at 4160 N. Port Washington Rd at the Probation and Parole division building. We will be there to support Joel Acevedo’s family’s fight for justice. We will be leaving (driving) promptly at 5:45pm at the latest in order to arrive at the Wauwatosa City Hall (7725 W. North Ave) at 6:30pm for a meeting discussing budget, policy and deployment of body worn cameras for the Wauwatosa police department. Chief of Wauwatosa Police Barry Weber will be giving a presentation.

Today’s events are extremely important to our local and immediate demands for justice. Invite everyone you know.

If you’d like to bring signs pertinent to today’s events, include phrases along the lines of “Justice for Joel” “Suspects not witnesses” “Fire Barry Weber” “Prosecute Joseph Mensah” etcetera.

#justiceforjoel #theethree #alvincole #saytheirnames #nojusticenopeace

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