Freedom Inc & Freedom Youth Squad Victory in Police Free Schools Campaign: Madison School Board Ends Contract With Cops

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Read our statement about our BIG WIN today for #PoliceFreeSchools.

Make sure you follow Freedom Inc and Freedom Youth Squad for upcoming events and actions! The revolution is always in the hands, minds, and spirits of our young people.

Text of the statement:

June 29, 2020
Dear Community,

Moments ago, the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) Board of Education voted unanimously to end the contract with the Madison Police Department (MPD) that funded police presence in each of the four Madison high schools. After countless hours of community engagement, public testimony, and powerful protest, we have won police free schools!!!

Come and celebrate this victory with us this Friday

We are so proud of our Black and Southeast Asian youth organizers of the Freedom Youth Squad (FYS) as they celebrate a huge victory in our Police Free Schools Campaign. We are beyond grateful to community members who have supported our campaign, specifically the Safe Schools Coalition and our Black, Hmong, and Khmer elders.

This great victory is made possible, not only by the leadership of Freedom, Inc.’s Black and Southeast girls and LGBTQI+ youth here in Madison, but also by the many activists and organizers across the country and the world leading our current global uprising in defense of Black life. Following the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless others, millions of people are taking action to demand #DefundPolice and #InvestInCommunity. We are winning AND we are not done yet!

MMSD schools are still practicing punitive disciplinary policies and practices and failing our youth. Until these schools are safe for Black youth, we will continue to fight for:
Accountability processes for school administrators and other adults who use the police against students.
Transformative Justice instead of punishment.
Investment into the leadership, creativity, and wellness of Black youth and other Youth of Color.
Community Control over schools. Most impacted youth, parents, and trusted adults need real decision making power over schools.

Follow Freedom, Inc. and Freedom Youth Squad on Facebook for upcoming events and actions! The revolution is always in the hands, minds, and spirits of our young people. Continue to support us along the way.

Love & Power,
Freedom, Inc.

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