Madison: Queer Power Rising!

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Queer Power Rising means putting my body on the line, because I know in the end when we win. NO ONE will lay a hand on me or my people. MASTER ROSHG WRILE SC MARTIAL ARTS 武天老師 KALEB HAWJ'

Meet Gender Justice Advocate Kaleb: “What Does Success Look Like to Us?
1) Our dream is to see Hmong gender-non-conforming youth and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, once isolated and experiencing much violence, become leaders creating new language for Hmong queer folks and organizing for community gardens. Food justice + Gender-self-love = success!
2) We want to see Black gender non-conforming youth and survivors of incarceration and homelessness, once not feeling supported or seen, become empowered and leaders in their community. Ending mass incarceration + healing = success!”
Donate to his fundraiser for Freedom Inc. at:

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