DC celebrates launch of Paid Family Leave, $15/hr minimum wage

Union City Radio: 7:15am daily
WPFW-FM 89.3 FM; click here to hear today’s report

Today marks a major milestone for workers in DC. As of July 1, DC is the first ‘state’ in the country to pay workers a $15/hour minimum wage and just the sixth jurisdiction to guarantee workers paid leave from work to care for a new child, an ill family member, or a worker’s own serious health condition. Tipped workers’ base pay will also increase to $5/hour. DC Jobs with Justice, convener of the Just Pay Coalition, will host a “know your rights” webinar at 4p today (see Calendar above) to help District residents, workers, and employers understand local laws regarding paid leave, paid sick days, a $15/hour wage, wage theft prevention, job protection, and more. “Better pay and leave benefits could not come at a better time for frontline workers who have been risking so much for the District these past few months,” said Dyana Forester, President of the Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO. “We have been fighting for years for higher wages and better enforcement of our local labor laws to protect vulnerable workers and are proud to see this hard work paying off in ways that will advance a just recovery,” said Elizabeth Falcon, Executive Director, DC Jobs With Justice. “Paid leave not only allows you to care for yourself and for those you love, it also strengthens public health and makes our economy more resilient,” said Joanna Blotner, Legislative Director for DC Family and Economic Security Campaigns at Jews United for Justice.

Milwaukee Fight For 15 Labor Day September 4 2017

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