Detroit, July 4, 2020:

Join us for this action of healing on July 4
We will be meeting with Detroit Frontline Coalition at Campus Martius, this Saturday, at 12PM

Detroit Frontline Coalition will gather at Central United Methodist Church at 10:30am and march to Campus Martius.

July 4th is a symbolic colonizer ritual that weaponizes the land into a nation state for settlers to celebrate the triumph of white supremacy. The “freedom” celebrated on this day by millions of people, is a formal representation of genocide and slavery by colonists. The celebration of American independence on July 4th, signifies the ongoing oppression of African Diasporic Peoples and Indigenous Peoples of North America through a continuing legacy of stolen land and stolen labor. This settler society on occupied Turtle Island continues these traditions of violence and oppression to this day.

In other words, don’t get us f*cked up. Let’s honor our relationships with the sacred land and not colonial infrastructures & holidays rooted in white supremacy.

This action of The Waawiiyaatanong Resurgence is taking place during the blueberry moon. During this blueberry moon, the blueberries are at their sweetest. We also receive a beautiful amount of medicine from the thunderbirds moments after the recent summer solstice; as the thunder and lightning of summer storms herald us into the second half of the year with great changes.

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