Milwaukee, July 18, 2020: No Justice For Elijah! End Racism In Milwaukee’s Music Community

No Justice For Elijah! End Racism In Milwaukee’s Music Community

For to long classical music has had its knee on the neck of musicians of color. We have been forced to sing Gershwin instead of Puccini. we have been forced to play Ives instead of William Grant Still.

1. An Annual MLK Day Concert

2. Showcase more artists of color

3. Showcase more composers of color. Design concert programs to give better insight and guidance on the choice of music.

4. Champion the legacy of Dr. Wallace Cheatham

5. Healing Concert Hold a public outdoor performance of “And They Lynched Him On A Tree” & “7 Last Words of the Unarmed” on the same program. Have the choirs comprised of all interested Black and Latinx people. It is a concert meant for affirmation and catharsis.

6. Unity Concert. In recognition a father Groppi’s Housing March, shut down 27th street bridge. Hold a concert of African and Latinx dance on the bridge. Let Black and Brown people come together.

7. Work to design a music curriculum that focuses on Black and Latinx history and culture.

8. Be part of Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project. Milwaukee has lots of kids with incarcerated parents. Get composers of color to work with these parents and write lullabies for the kids of Milwaukee.

9. Start an MSO gospel choir. There are a number of works for orchestra chamber orchestra that rarely get a hearing or are rarely explored because orchestras do not have a gospel choir on hand.

10. Spirituals and Folk Songs collection for Milwaukee Families. Call it Milwaukee Sings. Why can’t every family in Milwaukee have a tiny book from the MSO of culturally appropriate children’s songs? Use the website to help teach parents how to sing them.

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